In my last post I mentioned going through a period of intense transition over the past few months. I felt I should get everyone up to speed as to what has been happening in my life since June.
On June 10th my former roommate Cory Jones married the love of his life in an awesome ceremony at their Church in Largo. My other roommate and I moved out the beginning of June so Cory and his new wife Caitlin could create their home together. I found a place to live about 5 minutes away with some friends of mine who are involved in a ministry called YoungLife. One of the guys living at the house was moving out in August so I crashed on the couch for about a month and a half until there was a room available to move into. Now I have a room and I’m just working on getting settled in.

Since December of 2006 I have worked for a mens clothing store called S&K Menswear. The store I was working at in Clearwater closed down in February of this year so I began commuting to Brandon which is about an hour away. In May we received word that the entire company would be closing and that our store will be closed by the end of August. I continued to work at the S&K Store in Brandon over the summer and helped close it down at the end of August. I was able to file for unemployment and I’m currently getting by on that in addition to money I was able to set aside before the company closed down. Not being committed to working a full time job has open many doors of volunteer work and ministry that I otherwise wouldn’t be able to do.

Around March of this year my 1998 Chevy Malibu finally bit the dust and left me without transportation. Since I didn’t have the funds to buy a car or even finance one, one of my college friends Scott and his wife Tabitha decided to loan me their second car until I find something else. They rarely drive it unless Scott needs to attend classes at the Seminary he’s attending in Orlando. Currently all of his classes are online so until he needs to begin commuting to Orlando for classes I have the privilege of borrowing their car.

Of all of the changes God has brought about in my life, this one I am most excited about! As I mentioned earlier several of my friends are involved in a ministry called YoungLife that was started in 1941 by a man named Jim Rayburn. I began learning more about the ministry over the summer and took a training course to become a Young Life leader. In the past few weeks God has been opening SO MANY doors and opportunities in this area of youth Ministry! I am SO excited to see each new possibility unfold! I will be keeping you updated about my progress in serving in this amazing ministry!

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