Grace From the Shadows

Shortly after coming to Shanghai in 2014 I was missing the community I left behind in the US. The church of believers I regularly fellowshipped and worshiped with had been wonderful, but after I left, I only heard from maybe 2 or 3 people; and hardly on any kind of regular basis. I was lonely.Continue reading “Grace From the Shadows”

One Party, One Candidate, One Hope

So this is a post I have been putting off writing because, to be honest, I don’t want to write it. It would be easier to ignore what I’m seeing, ignore what’s been bothering me and just say: well, it’s someone else’s problem, someone else can speak out about it. And that would be easy,Continue reading “One Party, One Candidate, One Hope”

We’ll believe anything… Especially well-worded memes.

So today I was scrolling through Facebook (an increasingly dangerous activity these days). And I came across a meme (picture) posted by a friend of my parents who is a baptist missionary serving in a former-soviet country in Europe. I had many serious problems with the message of this post and REALLY wanted to write a comment.Continue reading “We’ll believe anything… Especially well-worded memes.”


A friend of mine recently posted a quote by Fredrik Nietzsche on Facebook. “One loves one’s desires, not the desired.” My response was to comment on the correlation between desire in this sense and addiction. Since most would agree when someone desires alcohol, chocolate, cigarettes or drugs it’s not the actual, physical thing that’s drawing themContinue reading “Addiction”

“Damsel, Arise” An article by Jeff Chu

I just read this article about Megan Phelps-Roper, written by Jeff Chu. Megan was a member of the Westboro Baptist Church until late last year when she finally left. What struck me most about the article was what she and her sister who left with her are going through right now. About leaving the Church andContinue reading ““Damsel, Arise” An article by Jeff Chu”

There is nothing new under the sun

The wise King Solomon was quoted as saying: “What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun.” Ecclesiastes 1:9 Old Testament Scriptures In Sonnet 59 Shakespeare muses that if there is nothing new under the sun, how can the mind not realize this?Continue reading “There is nothing new under the sun”

Lady Gaga, Facebook and all things in common

Well it’s the end of my 4th day in the Ukraine and my first night sleeping in my host house. I arrived here this evening and was so nervous I could have either peed myself or thrown up. It’s a pretty nerve wracking experience getting loaded onto a bus and driven out to some place you’veContinue reading “Lady Gaga, Facebook and all things in common”

Young Lives at Home

As I mentioned in my last post, God has been opening up some amazing opportunities through the YoungLife ministry that I’ve been getting involved in! On September 25th I went to a Weekend YoungLife Leader Retreat at a camp in Ocala Florida called SouthWind. This was an awesome chance to meet other leaders and reallyContinue reading “Young Lives at Home”