About Dan

Dan was born in Springfield Missouri; a stone’s throw away from his parents’ alma mater- Baptist Bible College. His parents were, and still are, Baptist missionaries and he grew up in the United Kingdom working in his parents’ ministry and traveling around Britain for 17 years.

In 2001, Dan moved back to the States and in 2003 attended Clearwater Christian College. After facing a crisis of faith in 2006 Dan walked away from his belief in God and Christianity which started a chain of events that caused him to lose his job, most of his friends and his education.

It was only after losing everything that Dan was able to start over and find something on which to build his life.

After 25 years in Christianity, Dan finally discovered Christ in a way he had never known before.  It was at that same time Dan began to come out to some friends as a gay man.  After finally graduating a year later, Dan began traveling and teaching English. He lived in El Salvador for 4 months teaching English in an Orphanage in Zacetecoluca, El Salvador. He then spent 3 months working with Chinese English teachers in Xining, China in between working odd jobs and working as an assistant Drama Teacher in a High School in the US. In 2011 left the US and began serving in the US Peace Corps teaching English in Ukraine. After getting evacuated in 2014 due to the political crisis in Ukraine, he accepted a full-time teaching position in Shanghai China which, a year later, led to a position as an English professor at Shanghai University for two years during which time he met and fell in love with his partner Luis. In the summer of 2017, Luis finished his Master’s degree and he and Dan moved to Wroclaw, Poland where Dan worked as a Primary School Administrator at American School of Wroclaw for 2 years. In May of 2019, Dan & Luis got engaged and a month later Dan moved back to the United Kingdom. He now lives and teaches in Oxford, U.K. while he and Luis plan to settle down in the UK and wait on God to show them the next step in the journey.

Dan has been to 24 countries so far and hopes to see many more.

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